Who is Ban Hass? I am a small, petite female born and raised in London. I am a Personal Trainer. That is my occupation but it is also who I am. I am a Peanut Butter addict.

Fitness hasn’t always been part of my life. I used to get out of breath running for a bus. I used to laugh at those who spent time at the gym. My journey into fitness began when living in Los Angeles and studying at UCLA. I started exercising and was surprised by how it made me feel. I’ve always been an anxious person but exercise alleviated my anxiety, it made me feel happy and it made me strong.

After graduating from Royal Holloway, University of London with a First-class Honours degree in European Literature I immediately secured a job in the City of London working in Legal Search. At the time, I never fully appreciated how much I learnt in this job. How resilient it made me and how more than anything it taught me to push out of my comfort zone. But, like most people, it wasn’t my passion. It was just a job that I didn’t hate. Most people live for the weekend. I was living for the evenings when I could leave work and hit the gym. I will always remember the day I decided to hand in my notice in order to pursue a long-term dream of working in the Health & Fitness Industry, because that morning I walked into work with a smile.

I am now working as a full time Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor & Nutritional Advisor in London. I am qualified in Suspension Training, Kettlebells, Studio Cycling, Circuit training & RAD Ballet Grade 1-8.

My style is to combine my undeniable passion with a strong sense of humour. Why? Because let’s face it, the road to getting fitter, stronger, and better is not always an easy ride and it shouldn’t ever get easy. I push my clients to their absolute limits. It’s hard and sometimes it feels uncomfortable so my approach is to laugh through it together. I can’t help but form strong relationships with the people I work with and it’s simply because I care. My clients are my inspiration and my motivation. I preach self-love and nothing compares to the satisfaction I gain in making others feel good about themselves, to feel strong, to feel proud, both inside and outside of the gym. More than anything, I want people to realise that they are stronger than they think, both physically and mentally and that strength doesn't just stop when you leave the weights room. That one-hour session is just a rehearsal for the next 23.

I’m Ban. I get kicks out of making people feel good and eating hideous amounts of nut-butter. Have a look around my site. Drop me a note if you like what you see. Or don’t. Do what makes you happy.

Ban x